Our Services


1:1 ABA Therapy

Has your family life been affected by autism? We can help.

At Early Action for Autism, alongside you, we develop a unique programme for your child. ABA therapy is flexible, creative and will enagage your child in learning the essential skills they need. Systematic, carefully planned and managed therapy will make meaningful changes to your child's and family's future. Although each programme is individual we teach essential skills including: 

  • Communication
  • Toilet training
  • Age appropriate play and social skills
  • Nursery and school preparation
  • Fundamental skills which provide the building blocks for academic learning and future independence

 We are experienced in reducing and managing challenging behaviours and barriers to learning.

We provide ongoing support, training and advice for parents so you to feel confident in continuing therapy at home.


We run intensive private clinics for parent training. From our centre in Haywards Heath we complete a comprehensive evaluation of your child's strengths and areas of need. We demonstrate strategies and teach you how to implement these when you are at home. At the end of the clinic you will be provided with a detailed programme, any resources required and the confidence to continue with these effective strategies in your own home. 

Alongside this, bespoke training packages can be arranged for your home therapists, carers and nannies. 


We will provide an outreach service if it is required. This may include nursery / school shadowing, generalisation training in the home, family activities such as eating out, swimming, going to the park and visiting friends. Our aim is to provide and implement strategies to enable you to enjoy family activities together.


Early Action for Autism provides supervision for a small number of individuals requiring experience hours for RBT, BCaBA and BCBA exams. Supervisees will have the benefit of 2 BCBA’s. We prefer to provide supervision in person; however distance supervision maybe considered.

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