Getting Started

Getting started with Early Action for Autism is easy. 

Come and meet us at our centre for a free 30 minute consultation where we can provide you with information tailored to your child's needs. Following this if you would like to proceed with starting therapy we will send you an initial questionnaire to complete and arrange a schedule of assessment.  


Initial Assessment

During your child’s initial sessions it is essential that we build a fun, caring and positive relationship with your child. We carefully integrate a range of assessments methods over a number of sessions to build an accurate picture of your child's strenghts, needs and challenges.


assessment Review

On completion of your child's assessment we will provide you with a comprehensive individualised programme which has been written by a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA).

We will explain in detail each target, the corresponding strategies and how these can be integrated into your family life, ensuring that every programme will make a meaningful difference to your child and your family. 


Therapy Sessions

Frequent and regular 1:1 sessions are undertaken at our centre. Our highly experienced team provide high quality, consistently delivered therapy systematically targeting each area in creative and motivating ways.  

During each session your child's therapist will take specific data. This information is analysed to ensure that the interventions are effective and progress can be monitored.