Tips to make appointments successful

Appointments can be very stressful. It is not always clear what might happen, who you might see, you might have to go to a new place. How can these appointments be made easier for you?

Speak to the staff before the appointment

Phone the doctor or dentist surgery before you go. Explain to them the needs of your child. That they might find it difficult. If there are certain things that they won’t tolerate, tell them, or if there are certain things that you will have to do to make it as successful as possible, tell them. Ask if there is a quiet place you can wait, or even if you can wait in the car.

Go to the surgery before your appointment

Visit the place before you have to go for the appointment, so your child is familiar with the environment, noises, smells etc. Sit in the waiting room for a few minutes as a practice.

Preparation appointment

Ask for an appointment where your child can meet the relevant staff, and see any relevant equipment. Ask if your child can spend some time in the necessary rooms. Take favourite items with you, so that it is a positive experience. Try to leave while is going well. Maybe take some pictures to look at with your child.

Go frequently

If you can, continue going frequently so that when the next appointment comes it isn’t a daunting prospect.

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