Snow and autism

There is snow forecast, which can cause a lot of disruption to day to day life. Travel can be disrupted and plans may have to be cancelled. School might shut. What can we do to make these days easier?

Talk about the snow and possible outcomes

Talk about the fact that it might snow. That school might be shut. Look at pictures of snow and talk about the fun activities you might be able to do (either in the snow or indoors, depending on your child’s preferences). Also talk about the fact that I might not snow, just incase.

Have indoor activities ready

Buy some fake snow or some shaving foam, and play with the “snow” inside. Make snowmen using cotton wool. Make some paper snow flakes (or even edible ones made out of tortillas with some tasty toppings). Fold it up and cut sections out, unfold it and stick it to the window (if using paper) or sprinkle with a favourite topping and enjoy it with a warm drink.

Play in the snow!

For children who are happy wearing extra layers and playing in the cold, go out and enjoy the snow. It might be an opportunity to practice the social skills they have been learning, and work on the motor skills they have been practicing!

Go for a drive

If it is safe to, go for a drive and look at the snow from the warmth of the car.

 Snow can cause a lot of changes to routines, but preparation can help to limit the disruption caused. We hope you all have fun if the snow does arrive!