Reasons to choose ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis)

First and foremost, a well run ABA programme is fun!

An important part of ABA is that is based around play and what we call reinforcement – this can be favourite videos, playing in the playground, a favourite toy, or a high five and a pat on the back. ABA programmes are full of enthusiasm and energy, and a sack full of praise!

play fun.jpeg

ABA can be done anywhere, anytime

ABA programmes can be carried out in a clinic, home, school, nursery, supermarket, park, cinema or bowling alley. It is adapted according to the child, and then environment. Any environment has learning opportunities.

A vast range of skills can be taught using ABA

ABA can be used to teach a huge variety of skills, from daily living skills such as toilet training, dressing or brushing teeth to academic skills such as specific numeracy or literacy skills. It can be used to teach social skills, how to participate in the local community, for example, how to attend a dentist appointment, hair dresser or swimming pool. ABA can successfully be used to teach expand a child’s diet to include a larger variety of foods

A range of people can deliver ABA therapy

Once the programme has been set up by a Behaviour Analyst, parents, grandparents, siblings, aunties and uncles can be shown how to implement specific strategies.

ABA is scientific

There is an array of scientific research in peer reviewed journals proving the effectiveness of ABA. Decisions within ABA are based on objective data

There is an accredited regulatory body that oversees Behaviour Analysts

The Behaviour Analyst Certification Board (BACB) was established in 1998. In order to be accredited to the BACB, we must earn specific academic degrees and pass specific exams. We are then required to adhere to the board’s guidelines.

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