Our review of Proloquo2Go, a voice output communication app

Well, Proloquo2Go is a fantastic app.

It gives people with no voice a voice. It enables people to communicate their desires in a way that they had not been able to previously. Let’s expand with a bit more information, and some pros and cons.

Firstly, I’ll explain what it is. It is an application that can be used on apple devices (iPods and iPads). It has a voice output system and is designed to help people communicate. It is versatile as you can use photographs, symbols or text – whichever media the individual finds best. It looks like this:

picture communication 3.jpg

Let’s start with the downside of using the app:

  • It is expensive, but there is a 50% sale from 29th March to 3rd April 2018
  • iPads and iPods are breakable. But with a case like the one in the photo above, they are pretty sturdy
  • iPads are often seen as a games platform – children may be initially confused that they should be using it to communicate instead. To help with this, there is a guided access feature which stops you exiting from the app without a passcode

And now for the positive points:

  • It can be customised immediately. It takes seconds to add a new icon on
  • It has a voice output (with male and female options, and different accents)
  • It is easily understood by unfamiliar people
  • It can be used on iPads and iPods which are easily portable
  • It can be backed up on to a computer, so if the device breaks, you don’t have to start again
  • It can use photographs, symbols or words, depending on what is best for the individual
  • Perhaps most importantly, it enables independence and a way for those without a voice to express themselves!

If you have any questions about anything we haven’t covered, please ask. But, as you can probably tell, we highly recommend the app, especially when there is a 50% discount!