If it is fun for one, is it fun for all?

Throughout childhood we are faced with many opportunities. Experiences which help us grow and learn about the world around us. A school trip, a friend’s birthday party, a family gathering… all can be exciting and fun!

As parents we feel that being invited to someone’s birthday party, for example, is a sign of social acceptance that shouldn’t be overlooked.  It is great to think that others see the desirable qualities that you have always known your child has.  From our own childhood we know how much fun a party can be with music, activities, balloons, and food and we want that experience for our children.

It is important to remember though that those things are only fun because we like them.

kids party.jpg

We have no way of telling what someone will enjoy and autism adds another dimension to this.  Sensory and processing difficulties mean that the line between exciting and terrifying experiences can be very fine.

What we see as a fun item or activity may not be interpreted the same way by another person. Think about it, how often has your child been given what we think is the best gift ever yet they’ve seemed happier playing with the box and wrapping paper?!

So, some food for thought… would it matter if your child doesn’t like everything the same as other children? Your reply would most likely be “no, as long as they are happy”.  That would be a great answer but, with busy lives, we may need to remind ourselves of this fact.

Of course, it is also important to try new experiences as, you never know, your child might like them and we should definitely support this.  For ideas on how to introduce your child to a novel situation, email us through the ‘contact us’ page on our website.

Remember, as parents you know your child better than anyone… and you’re doing a great job!