Fireworks Night is Approaching!

Fireworks night is coming round again – it’s a time of year that can be great for some children, and very difficult for others.


If children like to be out in the field to watch the fireworks, but don’t like the loud noises (as I didn’t as a child, I’d hide behind my parents for the whole show) then, we have found a quiet, autism friendly fireworks show in Beckenham on Saturday November 4th 2017. There is a smaller, quieter show at 6PM in Beckenham Park, before the main show at 7:45.


If fireworks just don’t suit the family, then how about “Glow Wild” at Wakehurst Place, just down the road from us? You can walk through the Gardens and Woodlands after dark, lit by lanterns – no whizz pops or bangs. It runs from November 30th 2017 until December 17th 2017 on Thursdays to Sundays. The only days left with availability are Thursdays – so book tickets soon if you are interested. The staff at Wakehurst Place are very accommodating, and allow people with Special Educational Needs in free of charge, so it might be Worth phoning them before you pay for tickets.



Alternatively, if you would rather stay inside in the warm, you could have some home-made, indoor fireworks. For this you will need:

·         An old film canister (or similar sized pot and lid)

·         Glitter

·         A shower curtain or something to protect your carpet

·         Alka-Seltzer tablet

·         Water

Put some glitter in the bottom of the film cannister. Pop a tablet in, and a few drops of water. Put the lid on, sit back and wait for the lid to pop off and the “fireworks” to follow

Or you could make a lemonade fountain. For this you would need:

·         A bottle of lemonade

·         Salt

·         Glitter and food colouring (optional)

·         A shower curtain or tray to keep your carpet clean

Remove the label from the lemonade. Add the food colouring and glitter if you choose to. Pour in some salt, stand back and watch the fountain come up and out of the bottle.

Also, have a look at our fireworks Pintrest board for some warm, inside, possibly less messy fireworks activities.