How can I encourage my children to play together?

We often hear that children with autism find it hard to play with their siblings at home, that they take toys, or become upset if a game isn’t played their way etc

There are ways to help this, and make it easier for your children to play together. Have a look at the tips below for some ideas

  • If possible, have two sets of identical items. This is so that the children can play alongside each other, with exactly the same items
playing alongside .jpeg
  • Encourage the children to play next to each other, but with their own toys at first – don’t expect them to share items or take turns yet!
  • When they can play alongside each other happily, encourage them to play together with shared items. By this, we mean, play with a train track together where there are lots of pieces of track and lots of trains so that they are playing together, but there are still enough items to not need to share, share a trampoline or sand put together
  • Within this, you can encourage the children to communicate with each other, and ask for different items etc
playing together.jpg
  • Then comes turn taking. This can be a hard step! Before you start, think of activities that both of the children will enjoy. If one of them doesn’t enjoy it, it won’t work! Keep the activity short, and so that the children take one turn only initially. As this becomes more successful, the number of turns they take can increase, and the support that you provide can be reduced

Just make sure that the children receive lots of fun activities after practicing playing together so that it is a fun activity that they will want to repeat!

If you have any questions, as always, please do get in touch