A Big Thank You!

We have come across some very helpful people recently, so thought we should say thank you to them.

Firstly, at the Dolphin Leisure Centre, the staff have all been incredibly helpful.

We have been numerous times teaching someone to use the facilities, generalise skills to other environments, and ultimately have a swim. In order to do this, we asked if we could use the facilities at a quiet time – during adult only time. Despite being with a child, this was given the go ahead. We were told to only pay “if it was worth it”. So the first few trips where we had a look in the changing rooms, at the shower etc, they didn’t want payment. And in successive trips when we had been in the water, they asked if we had been in the pool long enough to warrant payment.

Secondly, Avant Garde Hair dressers in Haywards Heath have been fantastic.

We have been working with someone who finds it difficult to have their hair cut. We went in to Avant Garde with them, and explained who we were and what we were trying to do. They welcomed us in, and said we were welcome to sit in the chair for as long as we wanted. So, the first trip, we did exactly that. The second trip, we were offered a robe, and a hair brush, and, again, were told to take our time. Following this, we made an appointment, and Bella joined us, listened to our lengthy explanation as to what we were trying to achieve and exactly how we saw it panning out. She then suggested that we used the sprays, clips combs etc and worked towards her brushing it. After 20 minutes, when we asked what we owed, Bella said nothing – it was a consultation, so free of charge. So, guess what, we’ve been back four times since, and had a very successful hair cut! We have another appointment in a couple of weeks, and then will go every four weeks to maintain the skill. Having helpful people like this in the local community makes such a difference to people’s lives – thank you so much!

Check out the photos below…the hair left on the floor after week 3, and week 4. A considerable improvement, I think you’d agree:

Progress at the hair dressers.jpg

We have met some other people in the last couple of weeks.

We met the ASD team at Speech House (http://speech-house.co.uk/). We spent an interesting evening discussing ABA, and answering questions, and ironing out some misconceptions – one of our favourite things to do at the moment!

We have also met Sophie and Jenny from Haven ABA and play (https://www.facebook.com/HavenABA/) who popped in to meet us and see what we do, and Caroline from the Curly hair project who was giving a talk at the Yews this week (https://thegirlwiththecurlyhair.co.uk/)